Ghajinikanth teaser: Arya plays the role of a forgetful lover boy in this film, watch video

Ghajinikanth teaser: Arya and Sayyeshaa-starrer is about love and forgetting.

Ghajinikanth teaser: Arya and Sayyeshaa collaborate for the first time on screen.Ghajinikanth teaser: Arya and Sayyeshaa collaborate for the first time on screen.

Just as we had guessed when the first poster of Ghajinikanth had released, actor Arya plays the role of a Rajinikanth fan who has memory issues. His character Rajinikanth apes the superstar’s style, speaks his dialogues but only when he is not distracted. Once he is distracted, he forgets everything. He can’t multi-task, he doesn’t remember planning dates with his girlfriend, and it gets so worse that he even forgets the dialogue of his favourite star.

Arya shared the teaser on Twitter and wrote, “We had so much (fun) making the film and still having a #Ghajinikanth (sic).”

The film is produced by Studio Green and also stars Sathish and Karunakaran in supporting roles. Sathish’s introduction for Rajinikanth’s father, ‘Mr Ramanathan’ is something like this, “Even if he has equipped the house entirely with Khaitan fans, he is an out-an-out Rajini fan.”

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So while his parents are out searching for a bride for him, Arya meets Sayyeshaa. While she is impressed by his good looks and his charming personality but there is one problem — his memory is like a sieve. He explains, “When I am working on something, if my mind wanders or is distracted by something then I forget everything automatically.”

His excuse “Oh, I forgot!” becomes such a pain for his friends that they say, “You should have been named Ghajinikanth, not Rajinikanth.” And so we have Arya’s next starrer directed by Santhosh P Jayakumar. The rom-com is expected to release in February, however, the makers haven’t made an official announcement.

Arya is also looking forward to his debut Kannada film Rajaratha starring Nirup Bhandari in lead role.The film is directed by Rangitaranga director, Anup Bhandari. Sayyeshaa is also working on Vijay Sethupathi’s upcoming film, Junga.



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