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Treat arthritis with this special papaya tea, know the recipe here

In your life, you must have drunk many types of tea but you must have rarely heard about the tea of papaya. Papaya tea is extremely beneficial in terms of health.

Especially arthritis patients should drink this tea.

It reduces the amount of uric acid in the body, which helps in reducing swelling.

Apart from this, it is also helpful in keeping digestion correct.

Papaya tea is also highly beneficial in enhancing platelets.

It is also helpful in taking out the toxic elements from the body.

Let’s know what is the recipe for making papaya tea.

Papaya tea ingredients:

50 mg of water

180 grams raw (green)

papaya chopped into pieces,

2 bags green tea

1 teaspoon green tea leaves

Method of making tea for papaya:

First, pour water into a vessel to make papaya tea.

Now put the pieces of green papaya in it too. Put this water on the flame for heating.

When these water starts boiling, close the flame and let the water cool slightly for 10 minutes.

Now filter this water and separate pieces of papaya.

Put green tea bag or green tea leaves in water and leave for 3 minutes.

Serve this tea hot.

Benefits of Papaya Tea in Arthritis Disease:

When the amount of uric acid in blood and tissues increases very much, then the arthritis problem arises.

Papaya contains properties that control the amount of uric acid.

In this way drinking tea of papaya is less in the amount of uric acid in the body and relief from arthritis.

Apart from this, it can also be consumed to remove any type of swelling in the body.

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