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Yes, you GAIN weight during periods. Know why!

Finally, an answer!

Do you feel that your pants get a slightly tighter during ‘that’ time of the month or that suddenly you start feeling a little (or a lot) heavier than normal?

Well, the good or bad news–as you wish to take it– is that you are not hallucinating. You do put on weight when you are PMSing or are on your periods.

Your hormones are all over the place

There is a reason that you notice that your breast size increases as you approach the time of monster cramps and bloated stomach.

Estrogen–the primary female sex hormone spikes during your periods and as a result you may retain fluid.

Fret not, even if the weighing scale may show a few extra kgs, it is all water weight–that makes you feel bloated–which goes away as soon as your period ends.

Your cravings are to be blamed

Image result for Your cravings are to be blamedFrom chips to chocolate, your untamed desire to eat all the junk in the world comes with its own consequences. This munching non-stop during your periods may lead to fluid retention, that may cause the shift in the weighing scale.

Though it is actually near-to-impossible to gain a kg of fat due to your junk food habits–as it would take a lot of chips and chocolates to do the same.

Tip: Experts and doctors also advice against eating such kind of unhealthy diet, especially when you are on your periods.

No workouts coz hello, Aunt Flo is here!

This one is a no-brainer. You are seriously bloated, your tummy hurts like nothing else and you can’t even predict your own mood swings, so probably working out may be the last thing on your mind.

Obviously, if you are missing out on your sweat sessions, you are bound to gain back half a kg or one that you had lost before.

But working out may help you get rid of the fluid retention and even make your tummy hurt a little less.

Your caffeine intake is unmonitored

Related imageWe get it that you are exhausted and caffeine is your holy grail– but do you know that it may be the culprit behind bloating? Yes. So go easy on those coffee sessions if you don’t want your weighing scale to show unwanted results.

Tip: This also goes for carbonated drinks–which are loaded with artificial sweeteners–that women often mistake in thinking carbonated beverages are hydrating.

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