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7 Unique jewellery trends for outings

Investing in the good quality of accessories and jewellery is really important. Jewellery is really a very important thing as it enhances the beauty. Back necklaces, animal prints in crystals, seashells and bicep pieces are some of the trending options.

We have listed a few unconventional jewellery ideas for your get-togethers:

1. Generally, pearls are associated with formal events. Pair up a long pearl necklace with a crisp white shirt or you can team it up with your favourite little black dress also.

2. Animal prints, traditionally associated with apparel. These bold statement designs usually have animal prints laid out in crystals.

3. Single toned metallic jewellery is a past now. Break the rules with triple tones. This season is all about contemporary metallic jewellery in triple tones.

4. Statement chokers, collars, and back necklaces are just the thing now as they are making a revival. Opt for colourful pieces with simple cotton dresses.

5. Anklets embellishments jewellery is a jewellery for the beach or a chill session around the pool, ankle jewellery is definitely in.

6. Twin rings will add more appeal to your fashion statement.

7. Bicep jewellery not only accessorizes your arms but also draws more appeal to your toned upper arms. Go for it.

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