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Is Laser Hair Removal Good For Your Skin?

There are various hair removal methods; however, the thing about other hair removal methods is that they make you want to cry. Keeping up your schedule according to your body’s hair growth is not easy, neither is it simple to visit a parlour or shave in every 15 days.

We have such busy schedules and these things just make it harder, especially for women. But, then, again, it is frustrating to not be able to wear that short or sleeveless dress on the weekend because you didn’t have enough time to shave.

Let’s see what are the other options you have:

• Apart from shaving, one long-lasting option (well, somewhat) is waxing. However, many people find it rather painful, so they don’t opt for this hair removal method.

• One way of hair removal is electrolysis, which obviously is more long lasting than shaving, waxing, and even laser. In this method, a needle is used to burn the hair follicles. Sounds painful, right? Indeed, it is very painful.

• Now, this brings us to our final option, which is laser treatment. Although many people are of the opinion that laser hair removal is permanent, it is not. It can only reduce hair growth by damaging the hair follicles with a laser beam.

Laser Hair Removal

In this hair removal method, which is semi-permanent, a concentrated light beam or laser beam is used to damage the hair follicles. This only delays the growth of the hair and is a better method than waxing.There are post-treatment risks associated with laser treatment such as skin pigmentation and skin irritation.

Advantages of Laser Hair Treatment

• Although we know that laser treatment does not entirely remove the hair and restricts its growth, it is an effective treatment that delays hair growth for a long period. Some people even say that the hair growth after laser is so less that they have stopped shaving or waxing altogether.

• You can get laser hair removal done almost at any part of your body. In fact, laser hair treatment on the legs, armpits, hands, stomach, etc., is a fast process carried out with ease.

• If we measure the pain in the laser hair removal treatment with other methods of hair removal such as waxing, then we can say it is less painful. There is slight pain during the treatment and you will get used to it in follow-up treatments.

Disadvantages Of Laser Hair Treatment

• Laser treatment is not a one-time meeting, it’s a long process. If you think you will be done with one or two sittings, then you are mistaken. Although it can remove hair from the armpits in a minute or so, you will need multiple sittings for considerable results. With this, you also need to wait for a specific time period between two sittings, which is usually six weeks.

• No doubt, laser treatment is expensive. The money and energy spent on laser are much higher than shaving kits and waxing. Laser is an expensive investment, which does not even ensure that your hair won’t grow back.

• Laser technology works by differentiating dark pigment from light, where dark pigment is hair and light one is skin. If a person naturally has dark pigment, the laser won’t be able to differentiate.

This is not to say that people with dark pigment can’t opt for laser treatment, but they need to ensure that the provider has correct equipment and professionals who understand the intricacies.

Side Effects Of Laser Hair Treatment

While laser treatment disadvantages are something we can keep up with, its side effects cannot be completely ignored.

• As we already know that laser treatment is complicated in people with darker skin shades, laser can also burn the skin. Laser is basically burning out the hair follicles with heat, which can obviously burn your skin.

• Laser exposure can both inhibit and stimulate melanin production. If it inhibits melanin, you can encounter skin lightening or hypopigmentation. If it stimulates melanin, you can encounter skin darkening or hyperpigmentation.

• If you are somehow not careful with your eyes during the treatment, it can severely affect or damage your eyes.

• Itching and skin irritation are the most common laser removal side effects which many people encounter.

• More than anything else, it is possible for you to catch an infection after the treatment. You will have to take care of your skin, otherwise, you can end up with an infection.

Laser hair removal treatment may work for some people, but the side effects associated with it are more. People with darker skin shades should especially avoid laser treatment, as it can cause pigmentation in their skin and then, the procedure will be good for nothing.

You can opt for more versatile treatment options such as electrolysis, which can offer permanent hair removal with regular sittings.

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