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What Does The Shape Of Your Ear Reveal About Your Personality

 Our body plays a big role in determining the kind of personality we have. Each aspect of our body provides a glimpse into our personality and the shape of our ears can also reveal a lot about our personality. Each individual has a different type of personality. So, check out on the shape of your ear and find out on what type of person you are, based on the same.

personality revelations From being an introvert to an extrovert, it can all be revealed by having a look at the shape of your ear. Find out yours! Image result for types of earAttached Lobe: ArrayThis is the most common type of earlobe that most people have. When it comes to personality traits, it generally varies a lot and it often goes to the extremes. If the individual’s ear shape is this, then they are the kind of people who are generally welcoming, warm, and of a gentle heart. They are high on empathy and are generally able to understand what others are going through. On the other hand, the individuals may be extremely reserved and they are particular about the things in life. They may be impulsive and also act on their instincts more than anything else. This may come across as a sign of arrogance to others but, the fact is that they are least bothered about others opinions and they live just the way they want to.

Broad Lobe: ArrayThese guys generally have a laid-back attitude and they are relaxed by nature. They take things easily and treat it with utmost importance. They do not like taking themselves seriously. Apart from this, they are calm and chilled about who they are and they also love to have a great time than anyone else. They are the kind of people who love to smile, laugh, and crack a joke or two. On the other hand, they may also display signs of sarcasm, which indicates a level of intelligence not commonly found among others. What Does The Shape Of Your Lips Reveal.

Narrow Ear:Array These guys are usually are a little reserved and they like to keep things to themselves. They are generally quiet and composed. There would be very few instances where one would rarely find them reacting in a violent or unacceptable manner. They hate indulging in gossip or back-biting. On the other hand, they are not a loud person but their ideas and opinions speak out loudly.

Pointed Ear:Array These guys have been observed to be sharp and witty by nature. They are known to be alert about everything around them. They are also very good at making extraordinary observations. Noticing the little detailing is in their nature and they do it extremely well. With these factors these individuals are also perfectionists. There are no short-cuts for these individuals, as everything that they do has to be just right!

Round Lobe: ArrayThese guys are known to be extremely loyal and kind. It is seen that their loyalty comes out of their dedicated nature. Their trust is something that one needs to value a lot. These individuals are the ones who go out of their way to help others and that is what makes them so special. They understand what it takes for them to be loyal and there is nothing more that they hate than being betrayed!.

The Square Ear: ArrayThese individuals are the creators of the world. This ear shape is uncommon and so are the people who have this kind of an ear shape. They are believed to be the thinkers and the visionaries who tend to look at the larger picture and are not bothered by the hurdles that come their way. They are the kind of people who have created a world of their own and they don’t just let anyone in. People need to be extremely special and they have to mean a lot to them to enter into their inner circle. Shoulder Shape Reveals A Lot About You

Ears Sticking Out: ArrayThese individuals are the ones who actually stand out in a crowd. They are weird, different, and behave differently at times. One can spot them from miles away, as they would grab attention by doing things that others couldn’t have even imagined. Their point of view is unique and they often find it exhausting explaining about their thoughts to the others. On the other hand, it gets really difficult for them to have a genuine conversation because not everyone can understand their thoughts.

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