Arrivae aims to establish 200-store network in two years

New Delhi [India],: Arrivae, an end-to-end interior design solutions provider, is planning to expand its franchise network to 200 stores in the next two years, against an investment of Rs. 50 crores.

To fuel its expansion, Arrivae will collaborate with Prism Johnson, a company offering complete solution in tiles and bath products.

To start with, Arrivae is launching 6 stores across Mumbai, Chennai, Cochin, Bangalore and Delhi in the first phase of its franchise network launch, through which it is poised to build a business equivalent of Rs 200 crore.

Arrivae’s strategic partnership with Prism Johnson will not only enable the customers of Johnson network to enjoy a logical extension to their tile, bath, and kitchen spends, it will also present a great opportunity for Arrivae to tap into Johnson’s customer base early in the decision-making cycle as they embark on setting up their dream homes.

“Arrivae’s financial product enables the consumer to pay for the non-movable material purchase over 15 years at 8.35 percent cost, thus increasing the affordability for the consumer.

It’s a win-win for all stakeholders. Johnson’s and Arrivae’s mission for creating a better home improvement ecosystem community is aligned,” said Yash Kela, Founder, Arrivae.

Launched in December 2017, Arrivae offers integrated customised furniture solutions through an ingenious design ecosystem featuring curated interior designers, strategic financial access involving monthly instalments and technology-enabled processes and manufacturing.

Presently focusing on creating an aggressive market presence in 8 cities, 5 states and 25 experience centers in Pune, Mumbai, Chennai and Kochi, Arrivae eventually envisions to position itself as a one-stop home improvement brand pan-India.

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