Instagram to soon allow users ‘regram’ posts to Stories

Instagram will soon start a brand new option that will let the users “regram” public feed posts from other users to their own Story.

This option will appear as “Add post to your story” when you tap the share icon underneath a post and if you do not want your public posts to be shared in this way, there is the option to change your privacy settings, The Verge reported.

As pointed out by app developer Zachary Shakked on Twitter, when the post is added to your Story, you then have options for how you want it to appear.

You can resize it, rotate it, move it around, and there are two options for how it visually looks: one that is a cleaner design with the original user’s handle underneath, and one that appears more like a traditional Instagram post you might see in your feed.

This option has long been desired by the users, as shown by how often people take screenshots on Instagram to add to their Stories.

Instagram also recently introduced a new type mode that allows for text-only pages, and added support for GIFs, with endless options of moving stickers available, thanks to integration with GIPHY, reported The Verge.

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