10 Foods To Avoid For Kidney Stones

The leading health organizations today are increasingly worried about the rising number of patients suffering from a kidney ailment. The kidney is a vital organ of our body that mostly acts as a filter, flushing out the toxins and excess water from the body through urination.

But today, a number of people complain about kidney stones. These are solid masses formed from the crystals present in urine. It causes pain and blockage in the path of the urinary tract. Kidney stones have been classified as calcium phosphate, cystine, calcium oxalate, and uric acid.

Out of these, calcium oxalates are mostly seen in human beings. foods to avoid for kidney stones So, if you had been suffering from kidney stones in the past or facing any kidney ailment, which can lead to the formation of stones, certain food items are to be avoided.

By consuming these foods, you will take a precautionary measure against the recurrence of kidney stone again. Following a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, low-fat dairy products, poultry, beans, fish, nuts, and seeds is advisable. The diet should also be low in sodium and sugar content.

Now, take a look at what are the other foods that must be avoided to prevent kidney stones from forming.

Avoid Caffeine/Soda:Image result for Avoid Caffeine/Soda If you are suffering from a kidney stone, it is important to drink plenty of fluid. But under this, remember to limit your caffeine consumption. You should not drink more than 2 cups (250-500 ml) of coffee, tea, and cold drinks in a day. Too much of caffeine can have a detrimental effect and make you feel dehydrated. 

Sodium-rich Foods: Image result for Sodium-rich FoodsCurb your sodium intake. You should avoid eating processed and canned foods, which contain a high amount of salt for their preservation. Consume less salted food instead.

Excess Of Protein-based Foods: Image result for Excess Of Protein-based FoodsProtein-rich foods such as meat and fish should be consumed but in a moderate quantity. It is important that you consume lean meat, which is cooked is very less amount of oil or just boiled. Avoid having spicy foods.

Excess Of Fat-containing Foods: Image result for Excess Of Fat-containing FoodsYour diet should not include too much of fat contained foods like cheese. You can consume low-fat dairy products. Even you should drink skimmed milk for your breakfast. Avoid high-fat food, as the fat will get stored and increase your perils.

Calcium Foods: ArrayFoods that contain calcium and vitamin D should be strictly avoided if you are suffering from a kidney stone. Check out the antacids as well, that have a high amount of calcium in them. However, you can have calcium-enriched food but in a very less quantity. Also, consult your doctor before consuming fish oil or vitamin D because they can be harmful to your body if you have kidney stones.

Foods Rich In Oxalate:Image result for tomato soups If the stone you are suffering from is calcium oxalate, then you will need to avoid food that contains oxalate. These include tea, coffee, beet, squash, sweet potato, spinach, tomato soup, canned fruit salad, rhubarb, strawberries, etc. Besides, you should also avoid having chocolates, tofu, nuts, and grits as well. If your doctor suggests that you are suffering from uric acid stones, then you will need to avoid the following food. 

Alcohol: Image result for AlcoholAlthough it has no direct connection in the formation of kidney stones, it is seen that alcohol can trigger the risk of stone formation in the kidney. It contains purine component that can cause uric acid stone formation. Besides, consumption of alcohol leads to the damage of the kidney functioning.

Anchovies: Image result for AnchoviesAnchovies, a fatty fish, which can be delicious when served, triggers the formation of kidney stones. Therefore, it is best to avoid this if a person is suffering with kidney stones. 

Asparagus: Image result for AsparagusOften used as a diuretic, asparagus should be avoided while a patient is suffering from kidney stones.

Baking Or Brewer’s Yeast:Image result for Baking Or Brewer's Yeast If you are suffering from uric acid stones, baking or brewer’s yeast is best to be avoided due to the high amount of purine content in it. Besides these foods, one should also avoid consuming legumes, cauliflower, organ meats like kidney and liver, mushroom, olive oil, sardines, etc.

A Few Important Things You Must Remember: Lastly, you must remember not to consume more than 85gm of meat per meal. Limit your desires to consume ice creams, fried foods and salad dressings. Drink adequate amount of water. Eat sufficient amount of carbohydrates, oranges, lemons, and lemonade to prevent the occurrence of kidney stones. And finally, do not forget to consult your doctor regularly and have your medicines on time while suffering from kidney stones.





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