Amidst rain of fours, sixes, HPM basked in IPL sun

New Delhi [India]: Cricket is a religion in India that has its own season of festivity. The Indian Premier League (IPL) is a decade old now; it is a funfest where cricketing countries diminish all the walls and form universal teams.

About IPL, we can always say that, it is not the game, but it is the sportsman spirit that wins here. While clapping for the fours and sixes raining in cricket stadiums during an IPL match, most people set their eyes on high scores on the field.

In the current year, the family of HPM also associated it with the religion of cricket when they cheered up the spirit of the IPL. The extravaganza of IPL is definitely inching towards its peak. The current season of IPL also witnessed the entry of HPM in the sporting arena when they supported and saluted the sportsman spirit of the Delhi Daredevils as an active sponsor for the team.

The fields of agriculture are like temples for Indians. While rest of the nation was enjoying the rains of sixes and fours in the current IPLseason, the farmers of India were busy in waiting for the lord of the rains to come. Early showers in the month of March and April worked as a respite for them.

The time has come when the farmers of India should try to come up with some means so that they can make the best of this flourishing season. Farmers are always in an anticipation that monsoon somehow plans a big extravaganza for them. They always wish for adequate rains to add the much-desired potency in the agriculture fields; and this is the need of the hour, given the dearth of agricultural supply faced at time.

Farmers in India can take the support of HPM. HPM is a dedicated worshiper constantly praying for the betterment of the agriculture fields of India and enriching them with the help of ingenious solutions to meet some problems that were invincible in the past. HPM is dedicated to supporting the Indian fields and farmers through the entire thick and thins.

Understanding the cyclic nature of monsoon and the dependence of agriculture on it, HPM came up with different types of solutions that are needed to get an optimum yield in difficult circumstances.

The company is always at the disposal of the farmers and goes extra miles to ensure proper organisation of farms and crops.

With an array of agro-input products including the finest quality insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, and PGR (plant growth regulators), HPM ensures that India stays atop globally.

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