Beauty Secrets Of Greek Women You Didn’t Know

If you have fantasized about the beautiful skin that Greek women possess, then it would be great to know that certain practices can help you attain the same flawless skin as well. The tips and tricks that Greek women follow to maintain good skin health are worth knowing.

Image result for Is Skin Care ImportantWhy Is Skin Care Important?

If you wish to look flawless and glowing, then a good skin care routine is a must. Cleansing your skin daily with the use of good, natural products is essential to maintain good skin health.

It is surprising to see that although in the ancient times there were no high-end cosmetics, people managed to have a flawless and perfect skin.

Good skin care is important as a healthy skin can be achieved only through proper skin cleansing that would facilitate the removal of dirt and dead skin cells.

Keeping your skin well-hydrated and moisturized will ensure that it can take the toll of all seasons, be it summer or winter.

Moreover, following a daily skin care regime will keep your skin free of troubles such as acne and breakouts. A skin well-maintained also does not age quickly.

10 Beauty Secrets Of Greek Women You Did Not Know

Most of the beauty treatments that Greek women chose during the ancient times still continue to be in use due to their simplicity and ease of usage.

Read on to know the top beauty treatments that you can use from the Greek women’s beauty diaries.

Related image1. Use of honey

Greek women chose to use a lot of honey on their skin. Face masks and body scrubs made using honey helped Greek women maintain their beautiful skin.

Honey is considered good for the skin as it is anti-inflammatory in nature. It also helps in the removal of dead skin cells.

Honey along with olive oil serves to be one of the best natural antibacterial ingredients.

Honey is known to accelerate the biosynthesis and maturation of collagen fibres which makes it improve skin elasticity to a great extent.

This feature also helps in getting rid of the rough skin texture granting it a velvety texture.

Honey being rich in amino acids, vitamins and flavonoids also provides antioxidant features and nourishes dry skin.

Image result for herbal baths2. Go for herbal baths

A herbal-infused spa is one of the prime secrets of ancient Greek beauties. You would require dry plant leaves for this form of a herbal bath.

The leaves can be dried at home. These dry leaves are mixed with sea salt in hot bath water. The water is infused with the salt and the herbs.

You can then use this water to take bath. The herbal bath not only gives you great skin but also cures joint and muscle problems.

Related image3. Sea salt for skin nourishment

Sea salt is easily available to the Greek women and hence it has found ample use in skin care. Sea salt works great to exfoliate the skin.

It enriches the skin with natural minerals. Sea salt can be used by mixing it with olive oil to exfoliate sun-exposed and dry areas of the body.

Sea salt is high in mineral content and hence can nourish the skin very well. It also makes the skin soft and supple. It also has healing and anti-ageing properties.

Related image4. Almond oil for hair growth

Ancient Greek women used almond oil on the hair as well as on their skin. Use of almond oil in ancient Greece symbolized hope and patience.

Almond oil is known to provide utmost hydration. This quality is due to the presence of palmitic, oleic and linoleic acids.

Almond oil also serves to be a good source of vitamin E and K. It reduces hair fall and provides strength right from the hair roots.

Image result for Mulberries for lips5. Mulberries for lips

Ancient Greeks used mulberries to prepare a lip stain.

These were also used as a blusher. Crushed mulberries when used as a mix along with flower petals and seaweed created a stain that was long-lasting.

This could be used not just for the lips but to get rosy cheeks as well.

Image result for Lemon for skin lightening6. Lemon for skin lightening

Lemon juice when added to honey can be used effectively for skin lightening and this was widely used by all Greek women and still continues to be in great usage.

Lemon possesses a bleaching effect which is highly effective when used with honey (known to make skin smooth and supple).

Image result for Clay masks and baths7. Clay masks and baths

Clay masks and clay baths have been considered highly beneficial right from the ancient Greek days. Modern cosmetics utilize the benefits of clay to provide for great, flawless skin.

Natural clay is said to be highly rich in minerals. It is also known widely for its cleansing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Specific kinds of clay are also involved in skin care regime due to their benefits of being able to eliminate toxins out of the body.

Image result for Olive oil as liquid gold for skin and hair8. Olive oil as liquid gold for skin and hair

Olive oil holds a mythical status since ancient Greek times. It is rightly considered as liquid gold. It has found usage in cleansing agents, medicines and perfumes.

The presence of antioxidants and fatty acids makes olive oil great for the skin and the hair. It has moisturizing and nourishing powers.

It also protects the skin and the hair.

Related image9. Yoghurt

Used for centuries, yogurt is a magical ingredient when used in beauty treatments. It treats acne and sunburn. It is great when used to exfoliate the skin. Yoghurt mixed with honey can be used as a face mask. It fights bacteria and makes your skin soft and smooth.

Related image10. Mediterranean diet

The secret of the glowing complexion of Greek women is a Mediterranean diet. The diet includes vegetables, fruits and fish.

Fish is high in omega fats and is very good for the skin. The diet is made rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Olive oil replaces butter in this kind of a diet.

Essential Skincare Tips To Remember

Follow the below tips to attain a completely healthy skin such as those of Greek women:

• Eat healthy and nutritious meals. A Mediterranean diet promotes good skin health.

• Follow a 3-meals-a-day habit. Breakfast and lunch should be light while dinner should be the largest meal of the day.

• Go for a walk after dinner daily. This helps in digestion.

• Include fruits such as pears, figs and apples in your daily diet.

• Follow a skin care regime that involves cleansing, exfoliating, toning and moisturizing.

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