‘Rakshya Bandhan’ celebrated with fervor in Nepal

Kathmandu [Nepal], Aug 26: Brothers and sisters in Nepal on Sunday celebrated the festival of Rakshya Bandhan (as it is called in the country), by tying ‘rakhi’ and praying for the longer lives of their respective brothers.

“This day is special for all the brothers and sisters. The Bhaitika (of Tihar) and this Rakshya Bandhan both have importance. The festival of Bhaitika is only confined to between the limited number of brothers and it’s not easy to get out of the home and we also can get out of the house and meet other brothers out of the kin,” Bhumika Timilsina, who came to Pashupatinath Temple to tie rakhi to her brothers told ANI.

Rakshya Bandhan is regarded as the festival to strengthen the relations between a brother and a sister. This festival’s name has been derived from two words “Rakshya” and “Bandhan”, which means the brother promises for the protection of his sister and the tying of the string on the wrist, bolsters the relations between the siblings.

The people of Nepal are also celebrating the festival of Janai Purnima, where a sacred thread is tied to the wrist of the males and the and change the string they wear around their body.

“This festival is celebrated from ancient time and on this day the Janai (sacred thread worn around the body by males) is changed and the thread is tied on the wrist is believed to protect the person and get blessing from the gods and goddesses,” said Durga Prasad Kafle, a priest of the Pashupat area, tying the thread on the wrist of the visitors.

The festival of Raksha Bandhan is being celebrated with equal fervour in India as well.

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