• Netflix will stop showing user reviews

    Starting August, Netflix will stop showing reviews for shows and movies written by users.

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  • Google responds to third-party email snooping concerns

    After it was discovered that third-party apps for Gmail were allegedly accessing users' private emails, Google has responded to the…

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  • Third-party Gmail apps allowed developers to read private messages: Report

    Third party apps allow users convenience, however, some of these apps for Google's Gmail service reportedly allowed their developers to…

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  • Facebook admits to sharing user data with companies

    Adding to the woes of privacy advocates and users, Facebook has admitted that it provided companies with special access to…

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  • You may be soon able to ask questions via Instagram Stories

    Instagram is on a spree to add new features to its platform. The latest addition appears to be the ability…

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  • Instagram now lets you add sound to Stories

    Starting this week, you will be able to add soundtrack to your Stories on Instagram.

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  • YouTube auto-generates video thumbnails upsetting creators

    YouTube's latest experiment of auto-generating video thumbnails did not go well with creators who took to social media to express…

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  • YouTube picture-in-picture mode to be available for all Android users

    California [United States], June 28 : YouTube’s picture-in-picture mode will soon be available to all Android users. The feature was…

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  • You can now react to Facebook Stories

    California [United States], June 28: Facebook Stories has been added with a new feature that will allow you to finally…

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  • Soon, store your entire media collection on a single SD card

    If you thought your SD card wasn't enough to hold your music collection, the SD Association has finally heard you.

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